Automatic gates – Access

The Access series offers several reliable models featuring innovative design, low energy consumption levels and sturdy structure. These traffic gates are ideal for regulating traffic flows of varying intensity and can be adjusted depending on the lane width – from 3.5 metres per lane (up to 6 metres with Access Pro-L model). Double gates can…


B680H traffic gate

Popular traffic gate model used to regulate traffic flow near, for example, commercial buildings, parking lots or house communities. B680H traffic gates are suited for lanes of standard width (3–8 metres). Their opening speed varies from about 3 (most narrow version) to 9 (widest version) seconds. Gate beam and base are equipped with LEDs and…


Lifting gate

Classic swing gates cannot be installed in areas with limited space. This is where lifting gates serve as a handy solution to regulate traffic flow. Locking pin secures the gate in the lifted or closed position. The pin can be locked with a padlock which will prevent unauthorized persons from unlocking the gate and eliminate…


MKC traffic gate

MKC series consists of sturdy electric traffic gates specially designed for harsh Scandinavian weather conditions. The base is made of polished stainless steel, while drives are made using tried and trusted technologies. Everything is done to ensure that no friction occurs in the operation of the gate! Aluminium beam makes it possible to use regular…


SPIN 4 traffic barrier

Spin is a barrier featuring an electromechanical motor. Compared to other products offered by our company, these barriers are ideal for narrow roads and simple applications, where the traffic is less intense. This type of barriers is excellent for private buildings, residential parking lots or similar low-traffic areas.

Swing gate

Classic manual traffic gate with padlock. Usually, swing gate is 1,000 mm high, hot-dip galvanized and equipped with a telescopic beam adjustable depending on the width of the road. Manually operated traffic gates are suitable for easier regulation of traffic flow, for example, at entrances to private roads. Heras swing gates feature sturdy hot-dip galvanized…