Folding gates

We are pleased to introduce smoothly operated folding gates designed for industrial purposes. Growing interest in the folding gate functionality developed by our company and security level offered by these gates allow us to meet the most demanding client requirements in terms of delivery and service. Wiki folding gates Fully assembled 2.3 metres wide Wiki…


HRG3 turnstiles

HRG3 series comprises classic three- or four-arm turnstiles featuring regular or double structure. Different models offer different functions such as light and warning alarms, and other mechanisms permitting traffic in one or both directions. Turnstiles of different designs are suited for continuous use in industrial sites, companies or sports spaces. They can also be mounted…


Industrial gates

Industrial pedestrian gates Classic pedestrian gates are used to regulate traffic flow or as accessories for automatic gates in case of power failure. Standard dimensions of industrial pedestrian gates are 1 metre in width and 2 metres in height, so they can be combined with other measures used to secure the grounds and prevent intruders…


Manual turnstiles

For less challenging situations, for example, sports grounds or spaces with one-way traffic, turnstiles are an ideal solution in terms of price and functionality. Hot-dip galvanized turnstiles with three rotating arms require minimal maintenance.

Sliding gates

Tuvan Our range includes all Tuvan sliding gate models starting with their first mesh fences. Durable and solid supporting structures are fully covered with hot-dip galvanized steel, which makes them resistant to external factors. Entrance width with the regular model is up to 8 metres. Height of 2 metres and three strands of barbed wire…



Turnstiles are used to control access of unauthorized individuals to the site. We offer various versatile turnstiles suited for permanent or temporary use. MPT33T turnstiles are designed to regulate pedestrian traffic. They are based on a modular system and consist of 4 main components. Turnstiles are made of hot-dip galvanized material. Manual tripod turnstiles are…