Fencing for sports grounds

Classic chain link mesh fence provides adequate fencing and enclosure, but it can also be used as a base for ball net, leaning rails and different types of gates. For aesthetic reasons and specific loads typical of sports venues, steel chain link fences are usually installed. Larger sports venues are often equipped with additional leaning…


Leaning Fence

Leaning Fence is permanent railing for sports grounds and other spaces. Leaning rails are designed to confine the space while supporting the weight of spectators leaning over the railing. The product is designed in a way that makes it easy to install. This type of railing is used to fence sports grounds, but can also…


Mobile fencing for dog pens

Our mobile fencing for dog pens is made of sturdy welded mesh panels that are easy to assemble. It is a flexible panel system for dog owners, breeders and shelters. Hot-dip galvanized wall or door elements are interconnected using stainless steel fasteners. This means that the pen is easy to disassemble or replace, as needed.…


Tennis court fencing

To ensure durability and best possible results, top-quality materials are used in the installation.

3 m high mesh panels are used for tennis court mesh fencing. Fencing and gate materials are available in several colours: powder-coated in dark green, olive green or black.