Construction sites require great attention and responsibility of construction developers. One of the main tasks is to fence the work site.

We offer a wide range of products: from the usual woven wire mesh fences for public sector to unique forged steel fences and gates for private homes.

Our range of products covers everything from usual mesh fences for industrial sites to steel mesh fences and palisade fencing.

We are ready to realise your solutions: be it a tennis court or football field fence or fencing for any other type of sports ground.

Carefully calculated height, width and tensile strength of this type of fences meet the requirements laid down by the Road Transport Management Service.

Protective fences equipped with alarm and noise-blocking fences and systems are ideal for increasing the safety of open facilities.

We offer different types of barriers tailored to your needs. These include manual or automatic gates and boom barriers.

Swing, sliding, folding gates or turnstile? Which type to choose? Contact us and we will help you find the best solution!

BERGESTA, UAB offers fence and gate installation services to everyone: our services are not limited to private land plots, construction sites or agricultural land. We can design and produce fun and safe fencing for parks, kindergartens or schools, and sports grounds.

We can also ensure the safety of your pets by installing mobile pet pens made of sturdy welded mesh.

We are the only company offering noise protection systems made of wood, glass or combination thereof.

If you are looking for quality and uniqueness, have a look at the range of our services.

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