Grence palisade fencing

Grence is a vertical bar palisade fencing that meets the latest cost-effectiveness and design requirements without compromising the environment. Grence palisade system is part of the new-generation products designed for the security of grounds with the focus on the environment, security and design. Due to pre-treatment and production processes that generate lower carbon dioxide emissions…


Industrial fencing

Standard characteristics of industrial fencing: 2 metres in height, 50×50 mm chain link mesh and three strands of barbed wire at the top of the fence. This type of fencing can serve several functions and be tailored to a client’s requirements. It should offer effective fencing and security of grounds. Hot-dip galvanized fencing material is…


Mesh fencing

Mesh fencing is available in a wide range of heights (up to a standard height of 2.4 m). As the industrial and chain link fence, mesh fence can be equipped with barbed wire at the top. For security reasons, most municipal, industrial and security companies choose this type of fencing.

UL and ML palisade fencing

Secure and stylish fencing. Palisade system is made up of RHS tubes welded together to form solid panels that can be mounted using a unique fixing system. Vertical bars make it difficult to climb over the fence, while the top part of UL fencing bars is equipped with anti-climb protection. Stylish and sturdy palisade systems…